For more than 30 years, The American Lebanese Language Center has been acknowledged as one of the major paths towards success. Since its establishment, the center has expanded to seven locations all over Lebanon with courses

in languages, computing, design, management, business

and the ability to custom design courses to suit specific needs.

Here at the ALLC, we have been training

and educating the Lebanese people to a standard that

was not previously available in Lebanon and has helped countless numbers of people to follow their dreams professionally and personally.


In 2005, the ALLC became affiliated to the prestigious International House World Organization (IH). The

affiliation is very important to us as we work very hard

to ensure the highest standards and we were chosen

for this reason. IH was started in 1952 by Bill Oriel because he saw the need for different training and teaching techniques. They are now a household name around the world and are committed to implementing

the highest quality and latest and most effective teaching

and training techniques.