The digital world has conquered many aspects of our lives, so the need to keep

up with this digital invasion has increased considerably. Don’t be left behind! Our graphic design courses provide everything you need to know about digital design,

photo and video editing as well as Architectural and Engineering production. These courses are also for people already working in these fields and want to stay updated.


We live in a very competitive world. The more skills you have, the higher your chances of getting employed. Computer applications

and office systems courses aim at developing

your computing skills, which will make you more efficient and professional in your work saving you time and money.

Secretaries and assistants play a major role in the daily operations of an organization

and they are an indispensable part of the administrative structure and process.

There is no doubt that this course will help you enhance this role and train you to be no less than a professional executive secretary.

This course is a stepping stone to key positions in management, administration, government, or education. It gives you the chance to become part of a nationally and globally well-respected and well-organized profession, with unlimited opportunity for growth.  An accountant is a key member

of any management team in all organizations. Therefore, different courses are available at our center to make you fully ready to handle this responsibility.

Management has become of the utmost importance in the modern organization. Learning how to navigate the organization chart has become a skill that will enable you to get the most out of your employees as well as ensure your organization runs stress and conflict free. This course will help you cope with the multitude of management challenges as well as find out about the most effective ways to increase your profitability.

Travel and tourism is booming and there are    a sea of jobs both locally and internationally waiting for those with the right skills and attitude. The program here at ALLC IH prepares you for employment in a variety

of positions available in the travel and tourism industry. Entering the workforce, you will find opportunities in airline operations, ticketing

and reservations, travel agencies, tourism planning and development, special events

and tour itinerary planning. Students are prepared to sit for the IATA exam as well.